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    OnTrack Engineering Ltd. is a deeply experienced project management systems company with a vision to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of large construction, facility or infrastructure project delivery. Based on over 30 years of providing solutions to our client’s most challenging problems as well as in-depth customer and industry feedback, we released our next generation capital project tool called OnTrackPM. Our core philosophy is that integration of the systems governing the engineering, procurement and construction phases is crucial to improving the cost-effectiveness of any capital project life cycle.

    OnTrack's Value Proposition

    Real-Time Alignment: Helping you ensure your capital project objectives are met by monitoring and measuring progress, allowing your teams to proactively execute. We can provide you with advanced levels of governance, control, and visibility into your capital (construction, facility, or infrastructure) projects, allowing your project teams to react to change faster than ever. Whether you require a 24/7 multi-language support or flexible licensing, we can serve to your needs. Our team is available to ensure smooth implementation through broad system experience, comprehensive training & knowledge transfer.

    A finger on the PuLSE? of your projects


    OnTrack Control Framework?

    Over decades we have developed and refined the OnTrack Control Framework? (OCF?) that provides powerful functionality in the areas of procurement and contracts, material management, planning, project accounting, cost control, document control, collaboration and portfolio management. Our tool, OnTrackPM, and PMO methodology are an easy fit into simple or complex environments, completely configurable and scalable. This flexibility allows us to provide customers with solutions tailored to suit their organizational and project needs.

    Benefits of Using OnTrackPM

    Flexible Control

    Our PMO tool and methodology has an embedded Control Framework to enable any organization to manage and deliver capital projects on time and on budget regardless of the number of participating service providers.


    Successful results will be repeatable and consistent because the embedded control framework can be applied to any future project simply and efficiently.

    Efficiency & Cost Reduction

    OnTrack’s methods and tool have been proven to reduce capital project costs from 10-20% over the last 30 years. We bring our partners tremendous improvements in efficiency; therefore, reducing costs as OnTrackPM breaks down barriers to progress inside their organizations.

    Enhanced Capability

    OnTrackPM is the indispensable tool for an organization that wishes to move up the capability ladder or offer a broader range of project services while allowing them to compete against much larger firms. We have clients that have grown their business up to ten times after incorporating OnTrack’s methods and tool into their PMO.

    Systematic Approach

    Based on the philosophy that considers the full project lifecycle OnTrackPM is an integrated solution built to be a single system of project record. Because you may have invested much into existing systems we can leverage them to better utilize existing capital outlays. Competing approaches lack much of the resulting flexibility and functionality. These integrated features were developed and refined on thousands of projects over 30 years. Consistent with PMI,AACE, Guild of Project Controls and Fiatech best practices, helping you to standardize your operation improving productivity greatly.

    Solid Reliability

    We maintain the key solution to enhance project performance is achieved through the elimination of duplicating information across multiple software systems. The level of integration that OnTrackPM provides allows for a single system of project record to reduce transcription errors while dramatically increasing the speed by which information becomes available to project stakeholders. Thus, allowing for consistent and solid reporting to base critical project and business decisions on.


    OnTrackPM provides you real- time visibility during execution while giving equal value in traceability. This means changes are captured and acted upon more efficiently allowing for stakeholders to act in a manner that drives project delivery to a successful conclusion. This will make for a much smoother transition when it comes time for project handover as all the project data has been captured in a single system of record allowing for full audit capability.

    Multi-Stakeholder Focus

    For Owners:

    Advanced up to date visibility into project status, ability to act early, avoid delays and unplanned cost or schedule over-runs. Provides audit trails during and post project delivery.

    For Supply Chain:

    Aligns and streamlines purchasing and transaction approvals. Allows for revisions through all phases of the procurement cycle. Gives visibility into supplier performance. Improves logistics, bidding and contract management.

    For IT:

    Simple and powerful integrations and synchronization between corporate systems such as ERP’s, Document Management, Maintenance Management and other corporate systems.

    For PMOs:

    Across all project phases you will gain visibility into schedules, resources, deliverables and costing that is aligned to your financial requirements. The system provides advanced communication, collaboration and coordination tools that reduces tedious, complex, costly processes and systems require duplication of effort that causes errors or delays in reporting. Through OnTrack you obtain a common platform and set of process and controls that promotes work sharing, standardization and repeatability with successful results.

    For EPCs:

    Advanced visibility, tracking and communications between the PMO and subcontractors ensuring teams know what needs to be done by who, when making it the best prime contractor tool. Avoids frustration by avoiding the “hurry up and wait” syndrome. Quality work and timely delivery leads to more work! Better project estimates can be achieved over time due to OnTrack PM’s repeatability and templating.

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    Trade Partner
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