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    Healtcare Project - Project Management

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    Shakeel Anwar Bh...
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    Joined: 26 Nov 2010
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    Dear All,

    I'm currently looking for best tools, and techniques used for Health Care Facility Projects (construction, Expansion, and Renovation).

    I would appreciate if any one could recommend some books and/or article containing below,

    1.Comparision of Project management techniques to other project.

    2.Tools used for successful project management in Healthcare.

    3.Best methods of project management for Healthcare Projects.

    Thank a lot.


    Shakeel Anwar Bh...
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    Joined: 26 Nov 2010
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    Dear Steve,

    Thanks a lot for your brief note on the topic, much apprciated.  Would highly appreciate, if folks can share there lessions learned in order to expand our knowledge horizon and to be more coherent in assembling NUTS & BOLTS for future.

    That is true - Health-Care Project Management Enviroment is dynamic and challanging at the same time.  Most of the projects in Arabia Gulf; ended up with Huge change requests and scope screep.  


    Stephen Devaux
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    I've consulted/trained project management for 30+ years in construction, nuclear power, software, IT, IS, pharma, health care, automotive, defense, aerospace, emergency response, etc., etc. And I can say that health care project management is NEXT TO BOTTOM, just above academia.

    However, unlike academia, the drag cost on health care projects is measured in human lives and suffering! People DIE because of projects taking longer than necessary or providing poor quality. And gross PM ignorance combined with lack of discipline are at the root. Doctors often have gigantic egos, and resist being told of their ignorance in management fields.

    So, Shakeel, I love to see you seeking info on this topic! But I'd only emphasize that there is lots of PM s/w, but that is the least of the challenges in health care project management. Good luck!

    Fraternally in project management,

    Steve the Bajan

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