• Retain or Override – The question is logical

    Title: Retain or Override – The question is logical

    Author: Stephen J.C. Paterson

    Abstract: Retained logic or Progress Override, one of the most emotive subjects when it comes to discussing how to update a schedule, all driven by one issue, performance out-of-sequence work. The author reviews the three schedule calculation options offered by Oracle’s Primavera P6, ‘Actual Dates’, ‘Retained Logic’ and ‘Progress Override’ and their effect on the earned value calculations. Six scenarios have been developed and tested on an activity within two identical schedules, one with an out-of-sequence activity and one without an out-of-sequence activity. The results of the effects on the earned value cost profile for each individual scenario are presented along with summarization of the results in a clear and concise manner. Using SWOT analysis as a basis, the paper concludes with a recommendation for a ‘best tested and proven’ practice for fellow practitioners, project management, to adopt when performing schedule updates, and for software solution providers to consider for their future releases of their products.

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