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    • Asset Life Cycle Management - Operations Management Vs. Capital Project Management Asset Life Cycle Management - Operations Management Vs. Capital Project Management Sr. No.Operations Management (OM)New Product/ Capital Project Management (PM)1Repeated annual activities for an... Hitesh Parikh, PM... 12-Feb-20
    • Basement Excavation Basement ExcavationTask / DescriptionSlow  Ave  Fast   Units Hydraulic Excavator, 0.3m3 bucket, Sand/Soil - Basement Works6.4 8.0 9.4  m3/... PP Admin 17-Jul-19
    • Building & Construction Building & Construction Production Middle East Rates & Build Times: Hi there,Sending Builing & Construction MEP production rates & Build Times to in excel... az ad 30-Apr-19
    • Project Management - a philosophy of Life "Life is a project and you are project manager", Have you ever heard this statement. book explaining the relationship between life and project management. Muhammad Farooq 09-Apr-19
    • ScheduleReader? (Previously PrimaveraReader?) a another solution for viewing file schedules created in Oracle Primavera P6.It is ideal cost-effective viewing and progress... James Williams 21-Nov-18
    • OBS and EPS in Primavera P6 The EPS (Enterprise Project Structure) is a logical, meaningful, hierarchical arrangement of all the projects in your organization. This is a view of the company showing its areas of operations.... ahmed adel 04-Jul-18
    • Critical Path 关键路径是决定项目最小可能持续时间的活动顺序。当在网络图]中查看时),关键路径是到项目结束的最长路径。</p><p>如果网络图仅包含完成至启动关系,则关键路径上任何活动的延迟都会延迟[[完成日期。如果它包含其他类型的关系(SS,FF,SF),这可能并不总是反映在项目管理软件中。 例如,考虑一个包含2个活动的网络:活动A具有10天的持续时间,... yi nan 12-Apr-18
    • Activity 活动是描述范围元素的程序,时间表或网络的元素?;疃ぜ菩枰氖奔涑ざ瘸莆疃中奔?。消耗时间和使用资源(例如人员,材料和设备)的项目范围元素?;疃浅绦蛑凶钚〉墓ぷ鞯ピ?,但取决于程序的层次结构或详细程度,可以分为更小或更详细的活动。也称为任务。所有活动都由唯一的活动ID定义?;疃且桓龌蛘咭焕嘟巧哦拥娜挝?。 yi nan 12-Apr-18
    • Primavera P6 Professional R16.2 Primavera P6 Professional R16.2PM.exe TCUltraButton Event Code AVAA0-0269-8 !st Page osama khalil 25-Jan-18
    • How Lean Construction Principles and Critical Path Methods Enhance One Another Construction contractors increasingly are turning to Lean Construction principles in conjunction with critical path method scheduling in an effort to drive new efficiencies and savings into their... Sylvie MacKenzie 04-Oct-17
    • Understanding the Impact of Big Data Analytics on Business Performance Big data analytics is considered to become a transformational wave in the world of business and companies are spending huge on big data. In fact, there is nothing to wonder as the statistics prove... Rajeev Bansal 04-Oct-17
    • Lean Construction Methods & CPM Scheduling Work Together Lean Construction methods are becoming common practice on construction projects with the use of the Last Planner? system (LPS) as a planning and scheduling tool. The Last Planner? system emphasizes a... David Hatwell 26-Jun-17
    • Notice Provisions Protect Contractors from Risk Notice provisions – those formal and time consuming notices to owners about delays or changes on a project – are an often ignored requirement on construction projects. While they are tedious and at... David Hatwell 26-Jun-17
    • Utilizing CPM Schedules to Track Resources Can Cuts Costs Aegis Project Controls’ primary purpose is to support project management teams in their efforts to minimize the duration, risk and cost associated with their projects. While critical Path Method... David Hatwell 26-Jun-17
    • Benefits of the Interdependent CPM Schedule Model   What is wrong with the Status Quo? Timely, Costly, Inefficient, Opaque.  All of these words describe the development of a baseline schedule. Additionally, they also resonate... David Hatwell 26-Jun-17

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